What’s my blog all about!

IT’S FINALLY HERE! I’ve been planning to blog for the longest time and it’s about damn time!

So what is my blog about? My blog is a travel and photography blog that shows a mix of history, fashion and quirky cross – cultural references. Growing up in a Pakistani family, most of my early age trips had been between Pakistan and Canada (with stopovers in the the UK or the Middle East). But since the age of 19, I’ve been travelling with more curiosity and passion.

I want to know about the history of people, their art, their music and their beliefs. I want to see how we as humans are so alike yet different due to manmade borders and cultures.

Through my blogs, you can expect a mix of fun, history, creativeness but above all honesty. THIS IS MY BLOG PEOPLE! I’m super excited to embark in this mini journey with you all and share my experiences with you.

comment below and let me know your thoughts below! 🙂

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