4 Simple Ways to Give Back

Do you know what event is coming up tomorrow ?!? National Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Are you as excited as I am? But real talk, did you ever question yourself about why the event was even created?

I gave it some thought and realized I’ve been asking the wrong question, so I asked myself “what was the need to create kindness day”? With the world advancing in quality learning and technology shaping our world. We do not need to teach humanistic value as it should be innate to us, right? Sadly, we live in a world where hate is shown more on social media, in schools, and communities. So having to celebrate national kindness act day is much-needed today!

Now don’t get me wrong, many people engage in kind acts everyday, however, many would say that they have somewhat lost faith in humanity. This day should allow an individual to touch one’s soul in ways that bring smiles with no expectations in return.

everyone meet Rawan Kanso (to your right!)

Wondering why I’m placing so much importance on this event? Little do you know my major is *drum roll*….. HUMAN RELATIONS. If you’re passionate about helping others then you would be glad to hear I have collaborated with RAWAN KANSO who’s doing a double major in Psychology and Human Relations and we decided to help you find your perfect way of giving back to the community!

1) A coffee full of kindness

As the temperature is dropping, you can always buy a cup of coffee for someone (a student, colleague, family and/or vagrant). It surely is a boost to keep people warm and bring a smile. Another suggestion is to buy a couple of 5$ Tim Hortons gift cards and pass them around to the less fortunate. Keep in mind, kind acts can be for anyone. If you’re clueless as to what to do, you can always do the classic way of paying forward. You may drive to the “drive-thru” and tell the cashier that you would like to pay for the person behind you.

2) Clothing
It’s darn cold outside and if you have any old pair of gloves or scarves it will help someone to stay warm.

Are you planning on updating your wardrobe anytime soon? Then remember to donate your old clothes instead of throwing them away.

3) Give blood

Giving blood is an amazing way to give back to your community because there is no doubt that what you are giving is something so invaluable because it will make a huge difference in someone’s life. If you have never given blood before and are wondering what it’s like, let me share you Rawan’s story. Rawn, who gave blood for the first time a couple of weeks ago, said the experience was amazing and the discomfort was minimal. It was just like a routine blood test. If for a medical reason you are not able to give blood, blood drives are always looking for volunteers who are willing to donate their time. Rest assured that either way, you will be positively impacting other people’s lives.

 Still clueless ?!?


4)  Volunteer
Help out with gardening!

If you are still unsure about what acts of kindness to do, then you can always try volunteering in your community. You can get creative, too. For example, you can make cards for sick children. Or devote your time to food banks or charities. There are endless possibilities. Just don’t be shy to take part!


We get so caught up in our lives, we never sit back to think about helping others. But HEY, it’s not always about yourself, right? Once you understand the beauty of helping others you will come to realize the joy it brings to see another person smile because of something you gave, said or did, and that is what the world needs, just a little bit of more kindness.

(comment below and tell me a random act you have done in the past, today or will do after reading this blog?)

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