Winter to Spring Transitional Lookbook

Choosing the right outfit during this transitional season can be so difficult.

I mean, let’s face it, there is always a confusion of how to dress between winter and spring; is it spring or fall attire? To top it all off, Montreal’s weather can be so hectic.

Well, I have decided to collaborate with some friends to give you some outfit inspiration of 7 unique styles where you can dress cute and stay warm around this time of the year!

Look 1


For this look, I wanted to look more put together and dressed up; you get the essence of spring with the skirt, but the coat will save you when chills comes.

I wanted to bring in something with street style and I see this a lot. I paired it with my favorite turtleneck sweater from winter season and tucked it in. The midi skirt is appropriate for spring yet the key component to this outfit is high heels. I wanted to show you this outfit is pretty comfortable and might be a little different from what you grab from your closest.

Look 2
SLAY the spring look with floral patterns

This look goes with warmer climates but in turn gives you the Date Night Vibes… A floral cardigan paired with smokey jeans.

Look 3



Well… I wanted to add a twist to this blog and asked David to model for a men’s attire. This look is honestly more versatile. This is something you can wear for casual meetings or lunch dates. Adding an accessory to your look is always a plus. That scarf is sure going to keep you warm and stay in style!

Look 4

DSC_0718This classic 3 layered look works for all seasons. This outfit is pretty comfortable to wear for every day “go-to-look” or casual hangouts. I mean, don’t forget the chic black and white outfits!

Look 5
Make sure to have a popping colour to make your outfit stand out (such as her ankle boots)

This is more of a polish look brought in with a winter coat. Her mainspring piece is the nice knit top, which is a very popular cultural trend. REMEMBER that natural colors black, white, and light green are transitional colors from winter to spring. These colors will make your outfits work, no matter the season.

Look 6

This outfit might be a little different from what you grab from your closest but get the mobility from this looks. Don’t forget white is one of your essential outfits in your closet! The color white can be worn at any time of the year! Hope this look inspires you to dress all white.

Look 7
A denim jacket is pretty casual for spring, the more rougher the better!

I wanted to switch things up and get a little bit of a Montrealer kind of vibe. The thickness and the warmth of the denim jacket can be paired with leggings.

I hope the lookbook was helpful to find your favorite looking attire. Make sure to share and help your friends and family dress around this time of the year. Most importantly, remember to be yourself and that will always be in style!

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