The importance of setting yourself personal goals and becoming self-reliant

As we all know, SUMMER is officially HERE! Summer is a time to enjoy. But it is also a perfect time that can be spent to set yourself a goal that can be achievable. The power is in your hands to break the barriers and get things done more efficiently.

Why am I placing so much importance on setting goals?!? Well, last week, I went to back to the high school where I had completed my third internship so that I could see my former secondary five students one last time before they graduate. I saw the excitement on some students’ faces because they thrilled to graduate and were looking forward to prom. But I also saw some students who were stressed because they had difficulty finding a part-time job or being accepted to college. So I decided it was the perfect opportunity to speak to them about the importance of setting up a goal.

It is necessary to set goals and to know the importance of it. How may you ask? Positive thinking allows us to change our mind and behavior towards doing something better for yourself. So thinking in a positive manner will help you learn to live a healthy and purposeful life. Positive thinking will also help you discover and/or develop qualities and skills, which you will utilize during the process of attaining your goal. And slowly but surely, you will reach a milestone.

NOW, the importance of completing a goal is to first know yourself! Lack of self-awareness leads to confusion, doubt, and loss of valuable time. So having insight into yourself will help you become self-reliant and more motivated and passionate about achieving your goal. It will also help you become a reliable leader to lead your own life.

If you fail in achieving your goal, simply adjust your approach. Finding a more effective and adaptive approach will help significantly.

When you follow the path that you desire to follow, you develop self-affirmation, which enhances self-control and enhances your focus on personal goals. The affirmation also makes you strongly believe in the action of what you desire to manifest, and makes you believe in a deep assurance that it will become true.

When I started blogging @_thecharmingcoconut was my inspiration. I would suggest you to think about your role model or your idol encouragement or clarity. Who do you look up to?
If you’re not sure about how to follow through with your goal, here are few steps to follow: (if you know how then skip these steps)
  1. The first step of a set goal is to know your self and know your goal.
    A) Know what your good at, your talents, have a vision and develop your strategies
    B) Once you know your goal, think about how you want to work towards your personal goal.
  2. Connect with the right people who can mentor you or someone you can observe and learn from.
  3. Writing down your goal and YES  this actually works! OR allow yourself to visualize your goal by having a vision board. This not only allows you to have a mental visualization about your goal but to be driven in attaining it.
  4. Have a mission statement, you’ve probably seen companies having one, right? Then why not set one for yourself.

I hope for the summer of 2018 that you channel your energy into doing something positive for yourself so that you improve your own well being and self-fulfillment, and also allow others to be inspired by you. But most importantly, remember to have fun at the same time! Balance is the key!

So will you do it?

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