5 Ways To Relax After A Long Day

While some are taking full benefit of this summer by either relaxing on a beach or going on a vacation, there are others who are working their way up for a better future such as taking an internship or summer classes. Whatever the reason may be, I have decided to come up with 5 ways for those who can’t travel to be stress-free.

Here are five ways of how you can RELAX this summer:
  1. MEDITATION! As much as this sounds cliche, it’s honestly the best way to ease anxiety and be stress-free. Now I’m not saying to join a yoga class after work. An alternative to yoga class can be learning from Youtube tutorials. Remember, even a few minutes of meditation can help; this will allow you to disconnect from the external world and focus on yourself. Maybe start easy by meditating twice a week and add on the time by the number of time you’ve practiced.

  2. INSTEAD OF NETFLIX → GO OUT! If you’re a person who enjoys the nature, then head out and take full advantage of this beautiful weather. After all, we wait all year long for summer, right? Then why not?!? There are endless activities happening around Montreal, for instance, Grand opening to so many terrasses and more festivals are yet to come. I would suggest you follow MTLBlog to stay in the loop and to know what’s happening in town. So make sure to grab a friend and enjoy your day out!

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  3. DISCONNECT YOURSELF FROM SOCIAL MEDIA! If you’re a person who’s exhausted from work, school or whatever the reason may be, then walk to your garden instead of checking your social media accounts, or grab a book or listen to music! This is all about focusing your energy on yourself rather than someone else.
  1. BRING IN YOUR CREATIVITY! Write down all the things you would like to accomplish by the end of summer and try to complete them day by day. If this is not your thing, then try to find out what you’re passionate about. Is it cooking?!? Then cook yourself a meal. If it’s not cooking, then try something completely random, like painting. Figure out your interests and complete your tasks once you come home
    Personally, what I would do is come home from a photoshoot, jot down a list of ideas for my blogging content and write a list of blogs I would like to write in the future. This is how I cope with stress! What about YOU?

5. GIVE YOUR TIME TO OTHERS! If you have pets at home, give some time to them. After all, they wait all day long for us; so take care of them and play with them because they deserve it. If you don’t own a pet, then give time to your friends and family.


I’ve talked to so many people who stress about the future and that they forget to engage in their day to day activities, whether it is going outside with friends, going to events, or spending time some quality time with family. I highly recommend you to have a work-life balance and to focus on the present. This will not only help you maintain a healthier lifestyle but allow you to be stress-free.  

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