Sweet Oak Craft Care

Disclaimer: I received free products for testing and reviewing purposes

Sweet Oak Care is a Canadian based monthly subscription box company who supports natural ingredients products and only collaborate with Canadian local business. One of the best parts of @sweetoakcare is that they hand test every product before sending them out and only deliver the ones they’re satisfied with.

1. “Pink Grapefruit Body Butter” by @getduckish

DSC_0030.JPGI don’t know about you, but wearing sandals during the summer I would have cracked heels. When I had applied the shea butter it instantly helped my heel feel silky soft. Not to mention the smell is so refreshing! I’m definitely adding Pink Grapefruit Body Butter to my nightstand!

2. Citrus Bath Salts by @getduckish 

dsc_00402-e1530490037279.jpgThis product is best for those who enjoy to bath but hey if you’re not a bath person then you can always have a foot-bath; which is what I did. The moment I had opened the package I was in love with their the scent. It honestly reminds me of Bota Bota Spa.  The results were amazing it took off my dead skin.

DID YOU KNOW ?!? The Citrus Salt bath fights bacteria from your body and best of all it leaves your skins glowing. It also provides relief from skin conditions such as ‘eczema, psoriasis and contact dermatitis’.

3. Duchess of Earl Black Tea Blend by @tease_tea 

DSC_0049.JPGI am not a tea or a coffee fan so this was my least favourite. I would say it smells wonderful. As for the flavour, I was lucky to have my mama bear to try Black Tea Blend. She said, “the tea is creamy and tasty and does not need any sweetness or honey to be added.” So anyone who loves tea I would suggest giving this Black Tea a try!

4. Heavenly Bloomers roll-on perfume by @red.lemon.natural 

DSC_0036.JPGThe roll-up perfume is the perfect size to place in any bag or purse and the scent does last for long. I personally think it is for those who love strong scented perfume.

DSC_0079.JPGI’m all about supporting Canadian local businesses and if you are too then make sure to try these products you won’t be disappointed. Let me remind you that every month the product changes so make sure to give them a try!

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