Influencer Health & Wellness Workshop

To celebrate the last month of summer, I had wanted to end on a good note by hosting the “Influencer Health & Wellness Workshop”.

The aim was to focus on bloggers’ well-being. As content creators, we work hard for viewers to enjoy our feed as much as possible. However, there are times when we as bloggers need to take a step back and focus on our well-being. Therefore, the workshop was not only to network and meet other influencers but to also focus on their well-being.

BUT… I’ve to thank my sponsors for believing in my vision and allowing my vision to be executed well. My message to the influencers, which was to feel at ease and leave the workshop feeling empowered, was well received. What I meant by feeling empowered was to trust yourself, trust your goal and work towards it, and be less doubtful about their skills.


  • Yoga Vieux Montreal for providing their studio for the entire workshop and teaching the influencers the beginner level of yoga, but also giving our 75$ worth of gift card to all the bloggers, which is a month of free yoga!
  • Moreover to Intelligent Change for providing the five-minute journals and productivity planners to all the influencers who attended the workshop as well as for the giveaway on my Instagram.  Go a head to my giveaway blog to know about these two books that are a great source for feeling stress-free and to help you track your upcoming projects.
  • Nude by Nature was so kind to make a quick turnaround and sponsored lipgloss to all the influencers.
  • Toromatcha for giving energy drinks to all the influencers after their yoga session, which allowed them to be energized for the oil essentials workshop.
  • Balloon Factory for providing an amazing service by dropping the balloons at the studio and for sending two eye-catching balloons for the event.
  • Lexpr for sending not one, but two products for the influencers to take home that not only aligns with my workshop theme but also for the influencer to feel at ease by using a Got2b dry shampoo and Shoppers Drug Mart nail polish from Orly which is a quick dry and unbreakable.

It was a moment for success and a time to enjoy with the bloggers! I couldn’t be more thankful to all the sponsors who supported the “Influencer Health & Wellness Workshop”. Lastly, THANK YOU TO ALL THE INFLUENCERS for coming to my second workshop and supporting me in something I love to do.

The photographer, Sarah was able to capture the precious moments. Here are some highlight from the event!


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