La Petite Macaronette

Looking for a bite-sized treat to compliment that ever so lasting cheat day?

Then Macaroons are perfect for you!

I recently collaborated with La Petite Macaronette for my sponsored event #brunchbyshanilasays. They customized 3 different types of macaroons to taste and share at my event, and they were absolutely delicious! The 3 types I had received were Baby Panda, Floral and Pink macaroons to emphasize the colours and passion of the Boss Babes MTL event. Take a look at the following pictures.

Picture taken by @sherinashantellephotography

The designs and the intricate detail on the Baby Panda macaroon shocked me due to how elegant and detailed they were. It was so detailed that some of the influencers had kept their macaroons and purposefully restrained from eating them simply due to how beautiful they appeared. And I cannot even begin to comprehend the detail to taste ratio. It was incredibly tasty!

These macarons were amazingly good. It was imply the perfect blend of light yet delicious goodness! Very generous portions and reasonable price. So far the best macarons I have ever tasted in town. It will leave you wanting more and more! I can’t wait for my next!

Photographer: @Sherinashantellephotography (left side @bysalmak / right side @crystalxiaa)

The collaboration and experience with the macaroons were euphoric. From the taste, to the detail, to the vast variety, and not to mention the excellent service and cooperation from La Petite Macaronnette. It was truly a joyful experience that I am so grateful for.

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