French Fiasco

Don’t you agree that jewelry is essential for every outfit?

In today’s fashion, jewelry always adds a touch of style. If you don’t know, French Fiasco has been nice enough to sponsor my Boss Babe MTL event and I couldn’t be happier with this collaboration.

They had sent a variety of earrings that range from elegancey to minimalist inspired look. This allowed the influencer to choose from a broad selection of earrings.

Take a look at the following photos taken by @sherinashantellephotography

One of my personal favourites were the golden earnings because it gives a glam look and is comfortable to wear.

Since spring is around the corner, they provided tassel earrings. I was just in awe with the design and you can always create unique looks with those earrings, whether it’s professional, chic or casual.

Not going to lie, earrings are always a good fashion statement that make your casual outfit look like a trendy style, if you happen to go for that look. Nevertheless we as women “need to embrace [our] trendy, sexy & chic side” (French Fiasco). Make sure to comment below and share your earring look.

So I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to French Fiasco, as this collaboration made it possible for all the influencers to go home joyful with a new addition to their jewelry collection, and to truly feel comfortable and feeling confident.

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