Skincare Routine: Reversa

Hey Ladies,

If you didn’t know, a month ago I was in the planning stage of hosting my third Boss Babe MTL event. Therefore, I did not have a chance to look around for a new skincare routine. Nevertheless, Luxine PR was able to guide me through this process and send over some handpicked products.

Reversa is a Canadian-based company in Montreal. Their main focus is on anti-aging cruelty-free products.

I’ve been trying their products for a month in order to give my honest review. So far these are my thoughts. For the first two weeks after simultaneously trying all the products; the results were amazing! I have to say they perform up to expectations. There is never any residue making your skin feel healthy or natural; it’s 100% soothing. Their product made a huge difference in my skin and the result I got was absolutely astonishing.

My personal favorite out of the batch was the Reversa ® Cleansing Micellar Solution. It is a make-up remover that cleans your skin along with making it smooth.

The Reversa Antioxidant Booster is something I have been using continuously as a makeup primer and I have to admit it has its effects, which leaves your skin in a new-feeling state, making you look and feel fresh.

Coming up next is the radiant cream that has an exfoliating effect. I have a few dark spots, and this made a huge difference!

The corrective night cream makes my skin feel so soft. I will definitely consider personally purchasing this line of products.

The three-in-one cleanser is one of the products I had used the least, however, when I tried it out it had done the same exact job as my personal cleanser if not better. Therefore I do recommend this cleanser.

Taking care of your skin is an important part of one’s daily routine especially if you’re living in an area where you have 4 very extreme seasons. Whilst creating a routine, it can get very difficult to know which product is right for you. So I hope my review is able to help you fine ladies find your way into this new line of products.

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