Saepo Ni

I had partnered with Saepo Ni and they were very complying and generous enough to sponsor my recent event (@BossBabe.MTL) Not only did they listened to my event and customized their products to fit the needs and feel of my event. They had accommodated to fit the vibe of my event and for me that was more than amazing.

The packaging of the product was absolutely incredible it was a fun time unboxing the products and as soon as the influencers had opened them their eyes were filled with joy just simply staring at the beautiful presentation and layout of the products opening experience. The product itself had a soothing scent followed by a nice design which all-in-all made the soap by Saepo Ni a marvelous product. I definitely recommend you guys check them out!

Photographed by @sherinaShantellephotography

The service throughout the entire process was easy, smooth and instant, the owner was very understanding and was open to working with me. If you ever want to customize your soap she will be more than happy to help you with any of your requests. As well as if you want to contact her for any future events or even to purchase bundles or their products you should definitely check them out ( as they are one of the best soap companies I have seen so far.

Photographed by @sherinaShantellephotography

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