BossBabe.MTL Influencer Event

The past month I had hosted my third event with the aim of empowering women, thus @Bossbabe.MTL was created to not only shine light on female entrepreneurs, but ladies who are making a difference within our community.

Throughout the event, we had guest speakers who talked about their start-up businesses to empowering women, and some talked about their journey of how they become successful in their life.

Moreover, the #BrunchbyShanilaSays event was a HUGE success! Thanks to Brasserie 701 for allowing us to host our event and giving us some delicious brunch.

Our event would not have been possible with our sponsors! They all believed in my vision and allowed me to execute this brunch in the exact way I had envisioned. Here’s a list of sponsors and a small to thank you all.

  • French Fiasco, a Montreal based and their mission statement is “to have women embrace their trendy, sexy & chic side.” I couldn’t agree more and had to collaborate with them. They provide stunning earrings and rings to all the influencers.
  • La Petite Macaronette insisted on customizing macaroons for all the influencers. So when I was asked, I told them I had wanted baby pandas, floral and regular pink macaroons. Not to mention they were delicious and one of the best in Montreal!
  • La Petite Robe Noire and Salon Deauville provided gift cards and giveaways; definitely using these next time because I need a break from life.
  • Boite a Fleurs Montreal gave beautiful spring flowers for our centrepieces. They smelled and looked so good!
  • I had asked Les Sucres Inc to customize delicious cookies mentioning “Shanila says” and “boss babe.mtl”. It was a great addition to help us all with our cheat days.
  • Patchology for making our skin flawless by giving away amazing face masks.
  • Laritzy Cosmetics who are my number one supporters. If you don’t know, they had sponsored my first event! And this time they gave our influencers awesome 4 full-size beauty products! Truly a pleasure working with them.
  • Intelligent Change, who are also my number supporters, had sponsored my second event. This time around they gave all the influencers some amazing Five Minute Journal to keep track of their goals!
  • Saepo Ni who handcrafted each and every soap for all the influencers to take home.
  • Deux Cosmetiques for being so kind and making a quick turnaround in such short notice by providing all the influencers with different types of soaps and seed paper. You guys are like genies!
  • Balloon Babe Montreal for making the event look Instagram friendly with beautiful balloons!
  • Studio Anti-age providing fabulous samples and three giveaways.
  • I would also like to thank Toromatcha for providing every influencer matcha drinks. Another longtime supporter!
  • Sherina Shantelle & Dany Dao for going above and beyond my expectations and making sure to capture all the precious moments. Go on their pages and show them some love!

Lastly, I would like to thank all the influencers for attending my third event and making it a huge success. It wouldn’t have been possible without you ladies! THANK YOU ALL!!!


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