Dermamode Collaboration

This week I had the opportunity to try out the “Glycolic / Lactic Chemical Peel” treatment from Dermamode. The service itself was AMAZING and personally, I love it when the staff is knowledgable about the products they’re using on their clients! (Go Check out my Instagram highlight “facial collab” to have a glimpse).

During the session, I felt it was informative and relaxing. Throughout the process, I knew what was being applied and the kind of effect the product itself will have. One of my personal favorite steps was applying the mask as it was super cooling and soothing! I wish I was able to keep it on for longer than 10 mins

As for the treatment, Glycol chemical peel is usually used for enhancing your daily skin which is something I personally want to focus on. “Peel procedures consisting of cosmeceutical and physical exfoliation remove superficial dead cells.” It leaves your skin looking vibrant, and of course, this treatment has to be consistent rather than one session to fully see the results that you are looking for. the entire process of the treatment takes about 20- 30 mins.  

Make sure to visit my highlight stories to know all about my entire experience after 24hours of the treatment. 

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