Globein World – Monthly Subscription Box

The holidays are almost over but giving a gift is not over yet! What about gifting a gift that pays forward? 

Globeinword is a monthly subscription box that are filled with handmade and ethically sourced goods from around the world. ⁣This is a collaboration that truly touches my heart. As you go through each handmade item and read the brochure filled with powerful stories of the artisans, you get to know the families, communities and makers you’re supporting with your monthly subscription. What a great way to add such a personal touch! 

Picture taken by @Zuhallakay

I choose the Cozy Box which has products from:

  • Ceramic Mug: My personal favourite. It comes from Nabeul, a small town in Tunisia and the center of Tunian pottery. The mug’s skillfully painted lines evoke the air of peace, prosperity and teamwork embodied by modern Tunisians.  
  • Palm Leaf Basket: Comes from Oaxaca, a small town in Mexico. This basket is created by Don Juan Garcia and his family of artisans who make baskets for a living. They would sit together four hours a day weaving. 
  • Divine Chocolate Cocoa Powder: Co-owned by Kuapa Kokko,  situated in Ghana; whose 85,000 farmer member get a share in profits, a say in the company and a voice in the global marketplace.  
  • Fair Trade Scarf : Did you know the scarf has been made by using 100% of locally grown cotton? Made by villagers in Thailand.  

I hope now you will you come to understand GlobienWorld mission and that each product is created from love and care.  Moreover, if you are ever interested in purchasing the product they can be delivered to you monthly. ⁣

 I gave this beautiful gift basket to my sister for her birthday and she LOVED it! ⁣Who will you give yours? 

Click here order yours now.

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