Jasmine – Blogger: @Jsm1n

“Shanila’s events never fail to impress. I’m so thankful for the great people I’ve met and the brands I’ve discovered thanks to her. It’s easy to see that Shanila truly works hard to ensure all the attendees as well as the sponsors are happy.”

Fifa – Blogger: @Missfitpetite

“Shanila really knows how to make sure everyone has a great time! You can tell she puts a lot of heart into planning every event so that not only the attendees are happy but the sponsors are as well. Everything from start to finish was flawless and professional. I really enjoyed my time when I went to her Influencer brunch!”

Audrey – Blogger: @Frenchallure

“I attended the bloggers brunch organised by Shanila a few months ago. I am so so glad I did as I met so many amazing fellow bloggers and boss babes there. It was fun to get to exchange on our common passions! The set up and decoration was gorgeous and Shanila really did a good job.”